Department of Textile Engineering

TE, DIU is the first IEB (Institution of Engineers Bangladesh)accredited Textile Engineering program in Bangladesh     ||    THE MOST INDUSTRY FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT OF THE COUNTRY     ||    Department of TE has been awarded “Very Good” score in the recently held External Peer Review (EPR) of the self assessment report.  Custom image
  1. Physics Laboratory- Main Building (Room No. 501 & 502),
  2. Chemistry Laboratory- Main Building(Room No. 503)
  3. Computer lab –Main Building (Room # 201)
  4. Yarn Manufacturing Laboratory-Lalmatia
  5. Fabric Manufacturing Laboratory-Lalmatia
  6. Wet Processing Laboratory- Lalmatia
  7. Apparel Manufacturing laboratory: Sewing-Lalmatia
  8. Apparel Manufacturing laboratory: Cutting-Lalmatia
  9. Apparel Manufacturing laboratory: CAD / CAM-Main Building (R-201)
  10. Textile Testing and Quality control laboratory- Main Building
  11. Mechanical Engineering Laboratory-Lalmatia
  12. Engineering Drawing Laboratory-Lalmatia 


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