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TE, DIU is the first IEB (Institution of Engineers Bangladesh)accredited Textile Engineering program in Bangladesh     ||    THE MOST INDUSTRY FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT OF THE COUNTRY     ||    Department of TE has been awarded “Very Good” score in the recently held External Peer Review (EPR) of the self assessment report.  Custom image


  • Textile Testing and Quality Control Lab:

This lab is well equipped with following modern & important instruments such as trash analyzer, wrap reel, wrap block, twist tester, GSM cutter & digital balance, beesleys yarn balance, abrasion resistance & pilling tester, fabric thickness tester, wash fastness tester, color matching cabinet, rubbing fastness tester, dry and wet bulb hygrometer, fibre identification & fabric structure analysis kits etc. Further enrichment of the lab is going on very rapidly.

  • Fabric Manufacturing Lab

The main objective of this lab is to learn fabric manufacturing technology both the conventional processes and modern processes. At present there are two labs, e.g. (i) Weaving lab and (ii) Knitting lab. In weaving lab we have a pirn winding machine, a shuttle loom, a rapier loom with dobby shedding mechanism. The knitting lab is equipped with a single jersey knitting circular machine, a V-bed sweater knitting machine, etc are available in this lab to conduct practical classes smoothly.

  • Yarn Manufacturing Lab

The main objective of this lab is to learn spun yarn manufacturing technology. In this lab we have a carding machine and a ring frame. Procurement of a draw-frame is underway. We have a plan to upgrade our lab on continuous basis.

  • Chemistry lab:

Chemistry is the main backbone for textile engineering program. Well equipped lab is established for running chemistry lab. Digital balance, PH meter, electric series water bath with temperature control system, distilled water plant is provided in this lab. Very good quality glass wares are available in this lab.

  • Apparel Manufacturing Lab:

This is a very popular lab. Students get interest in working with sewing machines. This lab is equipped with different types of sewing machines with all the necessary work aids and materials, scissors, measuring rules. The equipments and the facilities of this lab is ideal for pattern making, marker making, and fabric cutting & sewing. Very recently we have added a CAD software so that the students can pattern and marker making by the help of computer.

  • Wet processing laboratory:

The main purpose of this lab is to teach dyeing, printing and finishing technology. There are sufficient glass wares and dye chemicals and electronic balance are provided to run this lab. We have equipment and facility to test various types of fastness properties. We have a modern lab dyeing facility. Different types of yarn and fabrics are used for dyeing in this lab. Further enrichment of this lab is underway.

  • Textile Engineering Drawing Lab:

This lab is provided with modern engineering drawing tables with necessary accessories. Opportunity is available here to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. A good number of students can be accommodated at a time.

  • Mechanical Engineering Lab:

This is the latest addition to our laboratory commitment.  In this lab we have a modern lathe machine. Students enjoy very much to work in this lab. Apart from lathe we also have welding facility and a table vice with lot of tools, materials and accessories.


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